EDI to update F41021 Hard Commit Field


Hi list,

I have a third party software to pass data into F47131 & 2 to update the picklist information(LOCN, LOTN, QTY and etc).
Then user is require to run R47131 to update F4211.
Next user will require to run F42500 to perform shipment confirmation.
The above process ended well and if there's any changes in lot number or location, the stock will be deducted correctly from F41021.

But there's 1 problem, which the hard committed quantity was not changed, which it was committed at the LOCN or LOTN which it previously committed.

Is there an EDI or batch application i can called to update the Hard Commit back to 0(which I only pass in the ITM, MCU, LOCN and LOTN to update the hard commit to 0)?