EDI Split Lines

In EDI for partial shipments with backorders:
How do we get line splits to happen automatically when an order comes in through EDI and there is a partial shipment?
Example: 10 ordered, 8 shipped, 2 backordered. How does JDE automatically split these lines to show 8 shipped and 2 backordered without manual intervention?


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There are business functions to split a line. Is your question "How do they do it?" or is it "Why is it not happening?".

If the first then the master business function will split the line if not enough stock exists and will backorder or cancel according to setup.




Check the field APTS in the Customer Master (P03013/F0301). If the field is checked (value = N) the line will not be allowed to split when processing the order.

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The APTS field is set correctly for split lines.
After EDI processing, the quantity backordered is correct, but the ship
quantity gets zeroed out, and there is only one order line. Manual
processing handles splitting of lines correctly.