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EDI - Sales Order


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A little background first. We do a lot of business in Mexico. Because of this we have this thing called a NAFTA Certificate. (wasn't NAFTA sposed to make things easier???)
Anyway, I have developed a database and programs that will hold information in regards to our items. I also developed a program that will take a Current Sales order (or a special "NAFTA" sales order type "NH") and write out the "NAFTA" Certificate for all the items on that order.

Well now they tell me that we have one customer who has around 3000 or so Items that they need this Cert. for. It would take them a week to enter in the "Special NAFTA" sales order.
I am about to write a program that will populate the EDI files F47011 and F47012 with the Customer and Item(s). A couple things crossed my mind:

I know a sales order can only have 999 lines. (if you don't use the decimal places.) If I have 1 customer with 3000 different Items should I make multiple orders of 999 items or use the decimal places and just make 1 order? They will still use the P4210 and P4211 programs to "View" and possibly "Delete" line items. Has anyone seen how this many lines could effect these programs?

This special order type does absolutely Nothing in the system. It does not effect inventory or G/L or advance in any other way.

Also, does anyone know the absolute MUST have in the F47011 and F47012 ???

Scott Parker
Grote Industries, LLC.
WorldSoftware Version 8.1.2 AS/400 V4R4 (soon to be V4R5)