EDI in OneWorld Sterling / Optio


We are interested in implementing an EDI interface with our OneWorld
software. Specifically, we want to automate order entry / confirmation.

We are looking into Sterling/Gentran. What are the experiences of
implementing this? Horror or streamline? What snags are out there?

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I have implemented EDI with JDE using Sterling and Gentran for Order Entry and Confirmation several times. The only issues that I have ever run into are when trading partners have unique requirements or are not following EDI standards. Often these requirements can be met with work arounds rather than using any custom code. For consumer packaged goods companies one issue with JDE's EDI interface is handling orders that involve distribution centers.

To implementing Order Entry and Confirmation with JDE you should use the standard JDE system 47 interface files. Do not let anyone delude you into using XPI. The system 47 interface is stable and less resource intensive in setup and ongoing maintenance.

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I have have good experiences with using Gentran NT and
OW. Doing the 850 and 855 is pretty simple. I have
run into more problems when trying to handle SDQ
processing (cross-dock) though.

I have always preferred to use a nice dependancy
driver scheduler for EDI processing, and I dont think
that OW's is. (although the AS/400's is). just
something to think about. As an example the outbound
855 flat file build, only build the file, it does not
mark the records as updated. A seperate UBE does
that. It would not be good to have the flat file
program fail, and still have the next program update
all the records as "Sucessfully processed"

Good luck!

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