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EDI files


I am not an JDE person, so I hope your forum will be patient with me. I am an EDI person tasked with mapping Outbound PO's. I am using the files F47016 and F47017 ..I need to add the address if it is overriden. The JDE support person told me to use F4006 (I am finding it has more than EDI addresses)..this file does not have the same key info as the others.. Is there an EDI file for this purpose? Please help!


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You will find the over-ridden address in the F4706 file, with the same document keys that are in the other EDI files. There seems to be several records in there, but in my example, the changed address is the one with Address Type ZAANTY = '1'.
I hope this will help.


The F4006 is the file that is used. I'm pretty sure there is no EDI equivalent for this. The key is based on the PO#, PO Type, and PO Company. If the OAANTY = 1 then it is an override address for the Supplier and if OAANTY = 2 then it is an override address for the Ship To. While you are processing the header you need to just check and see if there is a record in the F4006, if not then there is no override.

Skip Stein

Ok, the F4706 IS the EDI version of the N/A override file (F4006) but contains the Ship To ANTY=2 and Ship From ANTY=1 for all EDI outbound orders.

If you check the F4706 you should see many rows of data keyed as follows: (ZA) EKCO, EDOC, EDCT, EDLN, FILE, ANTY in that hierarchy.

It ties DIRECTLY to each order LINE. If FILE is F47016 and EDLN =0 then it is an ORDER level address. If FILE is F47017 and EDLN is =>1 it is a LINE level address.

In most cases you can consider this an order level file unless you are processing more complex SDQ orders or other funky stuff.

You should map each F4706 to an appropriate N1 loop in your outbound EDI 850 structure using codes (like SU and ST) as agreed upon with your trading partner.

Hope this helps! Check the DATA, it will tell you what to do! <smile>.


Skip Stein
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Hi Skip Stein,

My question is related to above thread.

Please tell me how the data gets inserted into F4006 if Data is available in F4706. Does the Report R47011 is used?

I believe R47011 is used for inserting records in F47011 and F47012 and Order gets generated.

Does that mean when R47011 is run, Order gets generated in F47011,F47012 and at the same time data from F4706 gets inserted in F4006? Please help


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R47011 is the EDI Inbound processor. Simply, it will take data from F47011,F47012,F4706 and create E1 Sales Orders which are stored in F4201,F4211,F4006