E9.2 EDI 864 tables in JDE



We need to store EDI 864 messages sent for the issues with EDI 810,EDI856 , EDI 870.

I am wondering if there any F47 tables exists to deal with EDI 864.

Client would like to store the EDI 864 text messages separated by transaction set ( like 810, 856) and order number/ invoice number/ confirmation number..etc

Can you pls let me know how to maintain EDI 864 messages in JDE?

Thanks in advance.


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JDE does not have built in 864 support. Maybe you can look at the design of something like the Outbound 855 (PO Acknowledgment) to build a custom process. It has the EDST (transaction set) field in the header and utilizes the F4714 and F4715 to store text.