EDI 861 - Landed Costs



I am using P47071 to receive inventory against a
purchase order via EDI.

Most of the process is complete, but I cannot
determine what fields in F47071/F47072 map to what the
user would enter on the P43291 (Landed Cost

I know that this processing is done by P47291, but
cannot figure out the mappings.

JDE manuals offer no information as Landed Cost is an
optional feature.

Hope someone has done this before!


(JDE World A.73)



I would take an educated guess and say that probably since the only option
with a batch program like this one is to receive landed costs in blind mode,
i.e., automatically, that no data needs to be mapped in other than the basic
purchase order data. Landed costs are setup by item/branch or by named
rules. If using item/branch landed costs then since the F47072 file has the
item and branch they would be found automatically. If you are using named
rules, there are various methods to have the named rule default into the PO.
So the batch program should pick up the named rule from the F4311. You can
test this to see if it works by first being sure that a manual receipt finds
the landed costs using P4312. Then test the same data in the F47071/F47072
files and see if it works.

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