EDI 860 - Linking customer Order Line No to E1 F4211.SDLNID



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Hi guys,

An EDI customer sends us an 850, we create SO and SO lines

The customer may then send us an 860. We respond with back with an 865.

The customer may only be changing us changes to their order lines 2 3 7, but we will create a new EDOC and 3 new EDLNs 1 2 3

Can I ask how you guys map and link an inbound 860 (F47131 header & F47132 detail lines) to E1 SO header and detail lines for the 865 return.
There must be a spare field to store their original order line????

I can see that we use VR01 and AN8 in the F47131 to link to F4201, but I'm becoming unstuck in linking the detail F47132 lines to specific F4211 lines.

How do you guys do this?

Do you use EDLN or is there something else you use to map them.

As their line 2 may not be our line 2. I think this is why we are having issues as their customer order line reference may not be a simple 1 to 1
so they may send us their lines 2 3 7 which will be lnid 1 2 3 our end. When we talk back to them we need tell them lines 2 3 7 etc


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I've done this in the past by using a sales order detail tag file but it's obviously a major undertaking to introduce a tag file to the F4211.

Unless they're already being used in your map for something else, you can always use the user reserved fields (URCD, URAT, URAB, URRF).

The issue is our EDI customer
They send us their customer line number in such a random manner


this then makes our 850s of EDLN 1 2 3 4

I just need a placeholder for the customers line number. URRF is being used sadly and we did use IR02, but base E1 clears this field if we ever try to resend the 850 again
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Thanks Brian. I suggested that bad boy too but apparently it maybe used for blanket orders. So it's no go.

We do have external EDI tag files here (hence my post on dropped views the other day) but it's long winded to get the answer. I'd much rather a field on the F47132 to use
I am not familiar with the 860/865 processes, but we do use the 850,810,856,855 processes. Could you not do a lookup on the F47132 by UPC/sku number as you are creating the 865? We have done that in ASNs since we occasionally have split lines in F4211 or the customer expects exact line numbers, so I go back to the F47012 table to get the correct PO line number.