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ECO for Parents with Stocking Type K


Active Member
We use kits almost exclusively for sales order processing. We want to begin using ECO's to make changes to the kits.

However, when we run R30510, we get an error message that states: Error Detected: ECO processing can't be used for kit item #81956.

I can't see in the documentation that there are limitations on the stocking types ECO's can be used for. So, I'm not sure what we have set up incorrectly on the item number or the ECO that is causing our problem.

Any help would be great!


Legendary Poster
Sorry, but you're out of luck. ECO's don't work on kit (stocking type K) BOM's.
What it really comes down to is that BOM's can have line numbers with two decimal points (in field CPNB), though they used to have only 1 decimal point (in field CPNT). The line # field is populated on the F4211 record when a kit is used.
When Oracle made the change to allow two decimal points in BOM's (I think it was either in 8.9 or 9.0), they did not expand the field in the F4211 record to allow for the extra decimal place. Thus, if you did an ECO on, say line 10.00, the new line would get line # 10.01. Since 10.01 can't be stored in the line # field in the F4211 record, you end up getting an error.

So what we end up doing is making changes to kit BOM's manually, and making sure that only 1 decimal place is used for line numbering.


Active Member
Well, thanks for replying. I wish there was a better answer. We have nearly 9000 kits in several dozen branches so while we can change it manually, it's tedious. Hmmm - I'll have to look at potential automation.

Thanks again as I now know where to go from here.


Legendary Poster
We haven't done this, but I supposed possibly you could change the Stocking Type temporarily to "M", make the change, make sure there are no 2-decimal F3002 records, and then change it back to "K" Stocking Type. A bit more work, but at least you'd have the audit history in the BOM.