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E9 EURO Base Currency Conversion


I would like to get views from anyone that has either tested or gone live
with the E9 conversion.

I have a reasonable view on the extra disk space that is required to achieve
this due to the copying of transactions between AA and CA ledgers plus
audit file but am really struggling to understand just how long it might
take to run the actual conversion. One particular client is currently
running A7.3 cum 7 with Y2K and FASTR fixes. The plan is to move to cum 11
re-apply some Y2K fixes etc. and once that has settled in to move base
currency for French, Dutch and Irish companies.

I am particularly interested if anyone could share views on timings, volumes
of transactions converted/not converted and processors that it was run on.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


John Mills

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How long is a piece of string?

I've done conversions where it's taken 14 hours but the current site it has taken 3 hours in test with 900K records in the F0911 running on a 620.

What sort of machines are you running on and how many records in the 911?

Before you run make sure the integrities are as clean as possible and you have applied all necessary SARs - in particular the GL Repost and fix for JX transactions are pretty much a must have for CUM11.

The manual assumes you are on CUM12 so check the JDE web site for further info.

Which version of E9 are you using - I believe they have stopped shipping V4 but haven't yet started shipping V5 (and for those of you on One World - tough! not yet shipping)

If you want a hand my current contract ends at the end of December...

Good Luck


V7.3 CUM10 / E9


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You asked "How long is a piece of string?"

I can answer that.

Its always not quite long enough.

As to the rest of this message "Thread", I understand what you needed to know.

It would be really Helpful to know what type of Machine he is running on in order to Judge about how long it would take to run. (John probally knows that but just forgot.)

Scott Parker
Grote Industries, LLC.
WorldSoftware Version 8.1.2 AS/400 V4R4 (soon to be V4R5)