E812 Tools Releases


I am not a Technical expert but I do Applications Support for a site that is still paying maintenance but still using E812, mainly as back office to in house systems.

They do not have inhouse JDE expertise in Technical or CNC areas and I am just trying to help guide them to right source of information..rather than a sales pitch to upgrade.

Where can I find what the latest Tools Release is possible for them and possibly find an answer for this question posed by the CIO:

Are there are tools versions that would enable us to move DB version from current to 2008R2 and move to our production DB server which is 64 bit and more powerful than current JDEDATA.

Any help appreciated.

The terminal tools release for 8.12 is 8.98.14.

Since this site is current on maintenance they will have access to My Oracle Support. The Certifications tab we now use to check JDE version to OS, DB and other product compatibility is not available for the 8.98 tools. Use the old Minimum Technical Requirements (MTR) links from the following document to assist you (just search for 747323.1):

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Current MTR Index (Doc ID 747323.1)

You haven't mentioned the platform or DB so I can't offer specific advice. If for instance, they are running SQL server then the newest you could achieve with 8.98.14 is SQL Server 2008 x64 on Windows 2008 R2.

As you stated, you aren't pushing the upgrade sales pitch, so I won't either. I have a number of sites on older JDE versions such as XE and 8.10. They are stuck on older Windows or Unix versions such as Windows 2003. There are patching, security and support considerations when you keep old stuff around. These sites deliberated in detail before deciding to stick with what they had. They have done what they can to mitigate security risks using firewalls and other security products. In many cases they had to provide older browser versions via Citrix or other technologies. The desktop browsers will eventually reach a point where the old JDE tools release won't function well or function at all. I will just offer some friendly advice. I suggest that they go in with eyes open to the risks and have a forward looking plan to deal with them. This needs to be a few years out of as long as they believe the system will be kept in its current state before a JDE Upgrade or Replacement project is kicked off.