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E8.12 MRP for PO's using Workday Calendar?


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We're on E8.12, using R3482 to suggest Purchase Orders, this functionality uses Calendar days to determine when to place a Purchase Order with a Vendor for Purchased Items (and uses a Workday Calendar for Manufactured Items to initiate Work Orders).

Since our Suppliers are mainly on a regular 5-day week we're exploring the options to use a Workday Calendar for Purchased Items as well, however could not think of easy options for this.
One option is to simply increase lead time, eg. 7 days to 9 days, another option might be utilizing Transportation Module, just to use the Calendar features of this, however not sure if this works with the MRP program or kicks in only at a later stage.

Did anyone come across this requirement before and if yes: how was this tackled?

Thank you.