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I'm looking for a little guidance from the community. My company is currently running JDE 9.2 on tools We're starting to talk about strategies for keeping up to date with ESUs and tools releases, and I was wondering how you guys are handling it. If you're doing tools separately from ESUs to go code current, how much testing are you doing as part of your tools updates vs code current? My biggest fear is that they're going to demand to do a full regression test of the system as part of updating tools, which means that tools updates will be locked to code current ESUs, which means that we're going to end up out of date again (updated from 9.0 tools 8.98 in Feb 2019) because going code current is such a low priority to the business, and it's going to end up being another big ordeal to get current.



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We're updating Tools Releases every once in a while but are generally not going code current on ESUs once a system went into production. Bugs etc. are an exception of course.
Staying code current on a production system means a lot of effort and retrofitting for us and i also not a priority to the customer (as you said).


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Usually, you do tools out of necessity - but wait for the .3 release at the minimum (ex - That's usually when stuff is "least borked". Though there's some bork-age in according to my 3 POC's applied. However, it doesn't hurt to do web only tools these days to keep up with Orchestrator innovations and get the stuff that has been hot fixed - just make sure to test like anything. It's not out of the ordinary to run web / ais / sm, orch studio on the latest version with ent and dep on and older 9.2.3.x replease these days. Just make sure the 3rd number in that is in the same range.

As for fix current.... as needed but these are growing in to bigger and bigger projects of late depending on level of customization.


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We regression test. Just did the move from to and several things got broken (copy and paste, row security, Media Object in line viewer for PDF, etc). Apparently, most of these things worked fine in

Chan Rana

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Any changes to Production whether it TR or TR and code current needs lot of efforts and resources to get it installed, tested and approved for Prod. I think its difficult for most of the companies to keep up with TR and code and are mostly done during app upgrade unless there is business need driving decision for TR upgrade.



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I agree Chan, It is unbelievable Oracle is just and only sending out a document to install the latest TR to fix vulnerabilities which have a 9.8 score. I think we must combine all efforts and force oracle to release POC or patches for older tools releases to fix these vulnerability threads. Maybe there are only a couple of files change for the thread. This kind of fix can be more easily installed and tested then a full TR. Would you please also post your remark in my post: https://www.jdelist.com/vb4/showthread.php?t=56396

I want to use this for Oracle to have some community case to adress this issue.