E1 Tools release upgrade (a little one)


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We are on E1 9.0, tools As such the highest support Internet Explorer version is IE 8.

We recently added a lot of JDE users that are on IE 9. We've noticed that IE 9 is supported on

My question is for those who may have an opinion is, is making a small move from tools to a much smaller level of effort than moving all the way to tools release 9.1. We are looking for the quickest and most cost effective way to increase our browser capability. Or is the level of effort about the same for a tools release upgrade regardless of how far you jump ahead. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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yes is a lot easier. When you go to 9.1 you will have a user interface change that is significant. I had no issues going from to but don't forget to do the testing.



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I recommended or higher due to this bug: DLL Files Not Consistently Copied to Pathcode Folder During Server Package Deployment (Oracle Doc ID 1398125.1).


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I think or .11 supports IE 10 as well so go for the latest 8.98.4.x release. It's the same ammount of effort if you were to go to