E9.2 E1 / SVM Outstanding Requests on Queue Kernel



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Since a few weeks i am getting this notification and i don't really know why. Did anybody ever get those and has an idea on what to do? I fail to find just a tiny clue until now 🤷‍♂️
It pops up out of the blue and when i go check in Server Manager there are not Outstanding Requests there. Threshold is set to 5, maybe that's just too low and i should turn it up to 11? The system is E920 (x86)

If anybody can share experience with this, i'm all ears!

Server Manager Monitor Notification: Outstanding Requests

You are receiving this message because a monitored event has occurred. Details of the event are shown below.
Event Type: Outstanding Requests
Event Time: 14.02.22 07:07
Managed Instance: ent_server
Additional Information:
Instance : ent_server:ent_server.local: D:\jde_home_ENT\SCFHA
Enterprise Server Process Detail
OS Status: 1 (RUNNING)
E1 Status: 1 (BUSY WITH STHG)
AS/400 Job Id: 0
Process Id: 10384
User Id: 0
Group Id: 0
Process Type: 0 [Kernel Process]
Start Time: 08.02.22 06:36
Last Updated: 08.02.22 06:36
Process Name: QUEUE KERNEL
What is the number of jobs getting submitted to that server during that window?
Hi Glen,
just the usual i'd say, we have around 400 subsystem jobs running and interactively we're talking 10 to 20 max. around those times. Nothing unusual really which makes it even harder to understand. If there'd be a massive scheduler dump of 200 reports, i'd understand 🤷‍♂️
Like you said, it clears off by the time you check, so I would raise the threshold a bit.