E1 self service password reset automation


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Hello All,

Wanted to get feedback if anyone is using a 3rd party software that will allow the E1 end user to unlock their JDE ID and/or reset their password ? We'd like to put that task in the user's hand, rather than contacting the helpdesk.

I'm currently researching Everest Software's password reset solution.

If you are using such a software,

1) How was the implementation of this solution ?
2) Is the solution working well for you ?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Sorry - I can't comment on how well Everest Software's Password Reset solution works as we don't have it.

I CAN comment on the company's support. We implemented Everest's SSO / Load Balancer solution a couple month ago and had no issues until we recently lost connectivity to a remote plant's domain controller (child domain). This was causing long delays in login validation for the rest of the organization. Everest Tech Support stepped right up and accurately diagnosed our (internal) issue and suggested two solutions (1 immediate, 1 long term) which corrected the issue quickly.

Their response time to another issue we had (pre go-live) where a software patch was needed was amazingly fast (same day).

In this day and age of mega-corporations with mega lead times/delays in fixes and product support its refreshing to find a small company that can not only deliver a good product for a very reasonable price but also good service.

Hello Larry,
Thank you for your feedback regarding Everest's customer service - glad to know the company is very supportive of their product with a quick turnaround. I'll keep this in mind. I've made the initial contact to Everest, awaiting their reply back.

As a sidebar, I'm certainly open to solutions, similar to what Everest provides. I just don't know who else makes this type of product, hence the post :)