E1 Restrict Shipment Confirmation



Can we be able to restrict shipment confirmation after print pick slip i.e. order is at 560 status. Also is it possible to restrict SO generation for particular zone.

More information is needed to answer your questions. What are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to keep certain users from ship-confirming? Or all users? And when you say "restrict SO generation for particular zone", do you mean that you want certain users or divisions to NOT be able to enter sales orders, but others should be able to?

Depending on your answers, it sounds like you may need to review your security setup and make some changes. You could create a role that does not have access to P4205, and assign that to the users that should not be able to ship-confirm. And, the same with entering Sales Orders - create a role that can view SOs but not add (restrict P4210 security).
Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your response. My both queries are not related to certain set of users.

In case of Restrict Shipment - Sales order next status is at 560. At this point of time i would like to restrict the shipment to be confirmed irrespective of users.

In case of Restrict SO generation - Sales order should not be get generated for particular customers who belongs to particular zone.

Hope my query is more clear now.

Restrict Shipment & SO Generation

Hi Sarah,

Thank your your response. My query would be as below -

Restrict Shipment - sales order status is at 560. Now i would like to restrict the shipment which will irrespective of user i.e. Security set up.

SO Generation - Sales order should not be generated for particular zone irrespective of User's Profile Security.

Hope my query is clear now.


So, your query is centered around restricting these actions for particular customers, then? You may want to investigate setting up order holds on a particular version of P4210 (Processing Option tab #3 in P4210) or placing each customer in question on hold in their Billing Instructions within Customer Master. You would set up Order Hold codes in P42090, and use P43070 to release held orders.