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E1 Pages Error "Versions with Client marked as 'Client Only' cannot be submitted


E1 Pages Error "Versions with Client marked as 'Client Only' cannot be submitted

Hello there ,
I have a second e1 pages error I am encountering and would very definatly appreciate any help from more experienced E1Pages veterans out there . I am trying to get a UBE to prompt the user to check or enter Processing Options before running from an E1 Page. I've done a lot of digging around on the web and as far as I can tell there isn't a way to prompt for just Processing options but you can prompt for data selection and Processing options. this is fine for my requirements as the users are happy with that . following the instructions I've found I've been using the following syntax

@3:color=yellow|description= Run UBE R55JOBLST Version VF55203B:OPEN_ORDERS_WEST_MUNROE:runE1UBEBlind('R55JOBLST','promptForDS','VF55203B','1')

I'm using the promptForDS, and '1' flags to trigger the User to enter / check data selection and Processing options

now this is where it gets confusing. although my E1 page renders nicely when I click on the button to run the UBE I get the following Error

Versions with Client Platform marked as 'Client Only' cannot be submitted from the web.

I know I must be missing something fundamental here , there has to be a setting some where on the version im not aware of of some part of JDE that I am completely failing to see to make this happen , I am sure that there are many people who run UBE's via an E1 page and successfully prompt the User to enter Processing options and Data selection . I would be very grateful indeed if any one can point me towards a solution. this is definitely a knowledge gap on my part and I am sure its going to turn out to be a basic and very silly one .

Thank you all in advance for any help you might be able to give me



Hi guys,
I have an update for this issue, now I haven't managed to resolve it as such, however I have found if I code my dat file using task I'ds instead of coding out explicitly all the parameters the reports behave . most intreaging I think this might be down to something on the report versions so in summary

@3:color=yellow|description= Run UBE R55JOBLST Version VF55203B:OPEN_ORDERS_WEST_MUNROE:runE1UBEBlind('R5 5JOBLST','promptForDS','VF55203B','1')
throws the error

@3:task=20/VPSMRIV1|color=yellow works fine

confusing , I'm still hunting around for an answer and will post more when I find out more
We are on Tools and here is what I have found after extensive testing:

runE1UBE('report_name') - this calls up the report in the batch version screen and user can then select which version to run.
runE1UBEBlind('report_name','COB0001','0') - this runs the selected version, skips data selection and processing options and goes straight to the Printer Selection screen.
runE1UBE('report_name','promptForDS','report_version','0') - this runs the selected version, and presents the data selection screen but skips processing options.
runE1UBE('report_name','promptForDS','report_version','1') - this runs the selected version, and presents both the data selection and processing option screens.