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E1 Page Custom Icons

Working with E920, TR trying to find how to apply custom icons to E1 Pages, using E1 Page Composer there is a check box called Auto Image, this applies the default JDE Icon, when I uncheck the box a field appears for Custom Image, here I believe I type the name of the image. What I don't know is where these images are stored or how to add more to them. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you


This was a really great question. I too am having an issue with uploading / displaying a custom image. I had no issues with Classic Page Generator. Can someone please respond.


In JDE 9.1 by using syntax "customIcon=img/setup1.jpg" in dat file the custom icon appears in E1 pages.

Note:Store your custom image under "E1PageGenerator_v4.0\template_e1page\img" path.



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Same issue here. I uploaded custom image not sure how to display in composed pages.
I cant even see jde image.Auto image


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You need to upload the image within the "Manage Content". This is another UDO, so you will need to approve it for use. Then, when you uncheck the box for "Default Image", a field appears where you type in just the file name of the image you've saved (no directories). And the name must match exactly, and I believe it IS case-sensitive.