E1 Linux to Windows migration

Bartek Czupa

Bartek Czupa

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JDE 9.1 installed from VM templates, running on OVM 3.2

Enterprise Server running on Oracle Linux
Database Server running Oracle Database on Oracle Linux

I want to migrate both servers to a single Windows 2008 R2 Server running MS SQL Server.

On new server I already installed EnterpriseOne code, setup SQL server and copied all tables from Oracle Database to MS SQL server and can access data from Deployment with new datasources I created.

Now it is time to switch 'System - 910' datasource from Oracle to MSSQL. What would be the best approach:

1. Add a new server with Add-On Server Plan (Doc ID 1071557.1) to register new configuration.

2. From SQL side modify datasource definition in F98611 in both sources for JDEPLAN and DEP910 and point 'System - 910' datasource to a new SQL server where all tables are already copied, update JDE.ini and start new enterprise server to work with new database.

Since the old enterprise server will be decommission I can keep the server name and avoid registration of a new enterprise server.

A bit tricky migration and I'm doing it for the fist time so I'm confused a bit. EnterpriseOne server running on UNIX is not supported with MS SQL server, so migrating from Oracle database to MSSQL requires an enterprise server migration as well.

Welcome any advice or hints to do it.


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I might not understand your question completely but here are my thoughts based on how I read your question.

Since a Windows based JDE Enterprise server can access an Oracle database you don't have to migrate the Enterprise server logic processing and database at the same time. I would suggest getting the JDE Enterprise server on Windows running first if you haven't already and then change your logic (BSFN and UBE processing) to run on the new Enterprise server. After you do that successfully then you can copy your System data from Oracle to SQL and login to your Planner environment and change the data source definitions to point to the SQL instance.
Bartek Czupa

Bartek Czupa

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Good point. Windows Enterprise server should work with Oracle database no matter on which platform it is running.

So first I should create Add-On plan to add new enterprise server to change out the enterprise server from linux to windows, but with the same database, still running on linux.

Then I should create another Add-On plan to add new database server to change data source definitions to point to the SQL instance.

I suppose this is the right way to change system datasource. Actually this is the tricky part that I'm not so confident about. I will give it a try.

Thanks for pointing me to that direction.