E1 BSSV for RMA - Return Material Authorization?

JDE kid

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Hello Group,

Is anyone aware of a Vanilla BSSV for RMAs? I did some searching but could not find any.

Just for the benefit of all...
This is what Oracle came back with ...
"E1 does not have a BSSV process for RMA or Shipment Confirmation. However the processSalesOrder (J4200010) will handle credit orders. For information all available BSSV processes please see http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E16582_01/doc.91/e38040/toc.htm"
Hello JDE kid,
There is no standard Shipment Confirmation bssv.
You can develop fully functional shipment confirmation bssv from scratch or create simple bssv to populate z-tables / run Interoperability interface UBE.
Just be aware that ND3N4205 no longer ships with JDE as of version 9.1 and is only available through DSI.