E1 9.2 and Tools Release 9.2



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Does anyone have any information on the general release date for E1 9.2 and TR 9.2? I thought general availability was for release this month, October 2015.

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Al M.
E1 9.1, TR 9.1.4
Well, OpenWorld is October 25 through 29th.

That seems to be some dates that are in October 2015 (!)

No guarantee that we'll see 9.2 then, but Oracle IS late with 9.2 (they promised it for FY2015, and we're already into FY2016 for Oracle) - and theres been quite a "freeze" on Tools Release updates - was released just after July 6th, 2015 - and we haven't seen any updates since, which means that Oracle is definitely in a "quiet" period.

Its frustrating, but its common that we never really know exactly when the launch dates are scheduled. Oracle hasn't been able to create the "buzz" for their releases like other companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple have...
The chances of 9.2 not being announced at OpenWorld is about as close to zero as possible. Usually it is GA a couple of weeks after the announcement but it could be straight away.