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E1 9.1 Application Not Loading for Specific User


Crazy issue. When a user signs on and tries to run Order Entry Detail P4210 W4210E either through menu navigation or favorites, the application never loads, showing "Loading".
This occurs no matter what desktop the user signs onto. Any ideas?


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Assuming this is a web client user, check the logs on your web server to see if it reports anything there.


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Also, check if your using a supported browser (down to the .) I have issues in 8.12 if a user uses Chrome that are similar. Chrome isn't supported for us.


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Is the issue happening only for this one user ? If yes then check if they have any user overrides (grid formats etc) on this App and delete them and try again.


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Check Browser

Was it working before and now isn't? Clear the browser cache.

Look at the version of the browser they are using and make sure it is certified for your tools level. Can this user load any applications? I get a lot of web client compatibility 'loading' issues from servers vs. PC's


All those that did reply to my post did help me in one way or another. This is what I found. I signed on as the user with the issue and ran P4210 and the screen displayed "Loading". Then I went into Oracle Server Manager to find some kind of log that may give me a clue as to what was going on. I never did find the log associated with the session I started but I am sure one existed. I did find the user session that showed that the job was active. I looked back at P4210 and the screen finally appeared WITH THE GRID POPULATED! Then I reviewed the user overrides that ice_cube210 suggested and found 2 advanced queries. I deleted them and all is good now. It turns out and I am sure nobody wants to here this, the user that had the issue gives her user ID and password to others in her department because these users are temps or short timers. She knows nothing about advanced queries but apparently one of the other individuals that uses her sign on was experimenting.