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E1 9.0 and Tools 8.98

We are about to migrate our custom code from E1 8.10 TR 8.97 to 9.0 TR 8.98 (our new test environment should be ready Feb 1st, 2009). We have licences for Boomerang, Code CopyCat, TC Director, UQNIV, POCommander, DSC and Total Rapport that I would very much like to continue working on the tnew release. I would especially like to be able to use Boomerang (current release 7.5.897.2165) right away to migrate new custom code that misses the cutoff.

Are these products upgraded for the latest release and if not, when?


Legendary Poster

Yes, I am sending you updates now:

- Total Rapport, Boomerang, POC & DSC already support E9/TR898;
- CCC will support E812/E9 shortly;
- TCD may take a bit longer...