e-mail to MSExchange

I need some help with OW workflow guys .We are routing Order Requisition
e-mails through a mail server to users'Outlook folders.
The e-mails are going thru for only for some of the users . All users are
using the JDE.INI file on the Terminal Servers . We did check if the correct
mail server was defined in JDE.INI file . We checked the e-mail Id (in
Address Book PREFERENCES) of the users who are not getting the e-mails .
Everything seems to be Ok except the e-mails are being stopped at the
workcenter itself instead of going to the Outlook folder . Any ideas?


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I also tried before I was facing the same problem. We don’t have handle on the sending part. We don’t know it will reach there or not. But why can’t you use out side DLL to do that Email work for you.

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