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Hi all,

I have a little problem, and despites my research I did not find anything concrete.

I need to duplicate the menu task to the same environment. Let me explain, on JDE web client I have a user menu as follows Capture1.png

and I want to duplicate the same with everything in EVERY menu and copied by giving it another name. If you have a procedure or a link to follow me I'd appreciate it.

Thanks guyz


I haven't found a way to do this using the standard E1 applications and or report to do something like this easily and if you or anyone else finds something let me know.. But I have had to do this a couple times to support our multiple tasks views supported from our CORE development instance from which we make all changes then promote to our live instances. I put together a step by step document on how I have done this successfully for our organization using SQL and excel. All the work is done on temp tables FIRST then imported into the live task tables AFTER backups are taken so there isn't significant risk.

If you are interested in this document let me know and I can send you the document.


The way I have done this before would be to create new empty Task Views. Then you can use the Send To feature for each folder to copy the sub folders around. I have also used Q Software's Task View Manager tool to help with menu type work like this. Let me know if you want any additional info on that.

Matt Vanderkooy
ERP-One Consulting
Hi John,

You can try P01RS002 application, to do a bulk upload by creating the menu in excel and directly copy paste it on P01RS002 application under new Task View.

Ankur Mahendra

I will add our product to the list of alternatives you have: ours will do what you want i.e. duplicating the menu (task view) AND duplicating all tasks inside it very easily.

I dont think it would be so easy to use SQL to to do this unless you don't mind using the same tasks in both views (duplicating the View in F9001 isnt so hard). However if you also want to create a new task set then you need to watch the internally generated task IDs in F9000. I have looked at the JDE program mentioned before but I couldnt get it to work properly (hence why we wrote a tool).