Duplicate invoices


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We are on E1 9.0, tools 8.89.42


Our AP dept is asking what standard JDE functionality is available to check for duplicate payments/vouchers. The only thing like that I am aware of is the AP constant that you can set to not allow duplicate vendor payments. That prevents you from entering a voucher where that vendor and invoice number combination already has been entered. There is a suspected duplicate payment report, but that only looks for the same thing, more than one voucher/payment that has the same vendor and invoice number.

What our AP dept is asking about is much more broad. Things like, for a vendor that typically gets paid once per year, they would want to know if a vendor had a second payment within a year, or if a vendor normally gets paid once a month, if they got a second payment within a particular month. Or anothe scenario such as a duplciate payment, where the invoice number is the same, but the vendor is different. Really, any kind of scenario that might indicate there was a duplicate payment of some kind.

Would appreciate any feedback on existing JDE functionality that would address something like this.