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E9.2 Duplicate Effective Dates In Grid

Grid looks like :
Line ID Item Effective From Effective Thru
1 101 6/1/2020 7/14/2020
2 101 7/10/2020 12/31/2040
3 102 6/1/2020 7/14/2020

How do I identify Line ID #2 is Duplicate compare with Line ID#1.


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m Effective From Effective Th
The logic should be written in Grid rec is fetched event . Compare BC effective date with conditions using GC . So for second grid row , BC will be new value and GC will be old and compare and identify overlap(just like how we can identify a level break with proper sequencing of course) . However this logic will only work for new line and immediate last line . Say if line 3 would be a conflict with 1 , then you have to some other work like may be have a workfile using a computer id and job# and user and keep populating it with every distinct non overlapping eftj and exdj and for every incoming row in grid rec is fetched , check whether any overlap with any records in the workfile and error out . If no then keep inserting them for future row checks . Hope this helps