Due Dates not calculating correctly - voucher entry


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We have a "procedural" issue where Credit Pay Items on vouchers are having their Due Dates default to the G/L date unless physically overridden. From what I have read, this is correct according to the Accounts Payable manual.

I have also read that Debit Memo "Due Date" is controlled by a Processing Option (identified) on the Voucher Entry Business Function which designates the Due Date as either G/L Date or the Payment Terms of the Voucher.

Currently it is set to "G/L" Date.

Question: If I were to change this to calculate based on the Payment Terms, would this also change how the due Date on Credit Pay Items are calculated?


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Credit pay item due dates are by default calculated based upon the processing option in the voucher entry MBF and this is the same functionality that controls "debit memo due date."