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DSI/Dclink - PO Receipts



When doing PO Receipts with DSI, one purchase order may have 20 lines. When doing the receipt of the PO, DSI creates a different OV # for each line on the PO, even though it is received at the same time. This is not an issue when receiving directly into JDE. It creates one OV# for all the lines. Has anyone experienced this with DSI? I think it may be a mapping/configuration issue with DSI.

Your comments will be appreciated.



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HI Mark! I do believe it is designed to work that way because of how the unique receipt identifier is defined in F43121.
It is KCOO, DCTO, DOCO, DOC, NLIN (receipt line number)
In standard P4312, the application/Master bus function reads F4312 to establish the highest existing NLIN for the order/receipt and increments it by 1 and writes a record to F4312. This is normally OK because you cannot run multiple threads of P4312 with same OV number. however, a customer i worked with used Dclink for receipts and they were doing hundreds of partial receipts against same PO line. All these receipts were processing asynchronously on the server and created havoc on F4312 because multiple receipts were trying to use the same NLIN. We had to turn off the asynchronous processing for the receipts but that caused the entire receipt process to run a lot slower.
This was back in 2005 and i do believe DSI have since made the change to avoid these types of issues by assigning unique DOC for each receipt. I do not know if this is configurable but just wanted to give you some background as why this may be happening

With kind regards
Aarto Reponen@xperitus Denmark Aps


Hi Aarto,

Thanks for your input. We used DSI in 2002 and did most of the PO Receipts on the scanners and did not experienced multiple OV numbers for the same PO when received at the same time. Worked exactly like when receiving a PO in JDE. We did have a DSI programmer onsite when DSI was setup and made sure that it was mapped/configured correctly. I did not see the same issue being raised over the years so I assume the users are not experiencing the same issue.

Thanks for your feedback though. I would appreciate any comments from other users too.


Hi Aarto, One more thing, even with partial receipts, a different OV number is assigned when receiving directly in JDE which is how the system was designed and that's OK
However, when receiving a multi line PO at the same time, the scanners should work the same way as when receiving directly into JDE with one OV number as long as it's received at the same time. Unless the user exits the program on the scanner and then access again to receive lines - then a different OV number will be assigned.