DRP/MRP R3482 Forecast Consumption - Time Series only showing 6 months of demand


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I have been working on an issue as of late and I seem to have run out of road... Wondering if anyone else has an idea. When we enable forecast consumption processing options on R3482, our time series data only shows 6 months of information. If we remove forecast consumption processing options on R3482, we see out MUCH further (years). We have forecast buckets/data setup through 2027, shop floor calendar similarly far enough out, item branch configuration (999, H, etc. - the standard stuff). Wondering if anyone has any ideas of what else should be checked.

Note - we did identify some missing weeks from the forecast stuff - we have rectified this issue but no success.

Note 2 - when forecast consumption is turned ON - P4021 (supply/demand) shows the forecasted demand all of the way through 2027.