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When a DreamWriter is executed from a Menu, VL or from Sleeper the Date Executed is updated on the F98301 DW definition file, but if you execute the version manually (CALL Jxxxxx Pxxxxx Vxxxxx) from a CL program it doesn't appear to get updated.

Does anyone know if JDE has a separate program that I could call to update this field, or if I have to write one myself? I know what file/field to update - just seems pointless to write one if JDE has one already.

The same goes also for WorldWriters - it looks as if the data executed does not get changed if you run them from a CALL.

Reason for the above...
We have our own program that executes a given JDE program/Version (as defined in it's own DW parameters) then extracts and emails the resulting report as a .pdf attachment.
These report versions are not now getting flagged as having been executed, and at some point in the near future we would like to identify all DW and WW versions that have not been used for a long time so we can eliminate them.

Thanks in advance for your help.

<b>Tony Payne - Senior Systems Analyst</b>
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Are you sure about Sleepers? We run sleepers and the date executed does not get
updated. What cum level are you on?

I think the update occurs in P98315. But when I looked at the code, it just
takes system date and slices it out. It should update it in the F98301 file. Not
sure why it wouldn't.

Jill Fralick
ABB Flexible Automation
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A7.3 cum 10
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First, Jill, our Dream Writers and World Writers both have the date executed
updated when run in Sleeper. Currently we are A7.3 Cum 10 but I did notice
that we have the WW-Multi SAR 3002010 installed and that might make a
difference at Cum 10.

Second, Tony, be careful about getting rid of unused DW versions because
there are interactive programs that use the DW processing options but the
menu never updates the date executed. For example the Address Book
Revisions program, P01051, that we all probably use, has options as to
additional screens and edits to perform upon addition of a record. However
all of the versions in my list have an execution date of 11/16/91.

As a possibility, instead of calling the program directly you might try to
call J81900 that processes the % Menu Function. We use quite a few % Menus
to group a series of programs in a pseudo job stream. It will wrap the
direct DW call in a JDE process that seems to update the individual DW
execution date. As a test I placed the following on the JDE command line
and hit F6 to submit to batch: "CALL J81900 ('%TESTGS' 'ZJDE0001')." The
three DW versions I had on the % Menu each had a new execution date. I
realize that adds another layer of complexity to the process but it will
give you the desired results.
George Smith
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JDE World A7.3 Cum 10,

George Smith
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