Doubt on Select and Fetch single


Fetch Single discards any previous filters.

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We may compare those commands to SQL statements:
Select prepares the "where" conditions, filters based on any fields from the Table/View.
Fetch Next defines the "select"ed fields, for each record returned.

Now Fetch Single does both operations as one:
Fields from the selected index become conditions - equivalent to a Select command;
Any other fields are the returned data - equivalent to a Fetch Next.


Hi Deva raju,

Actually if you use fetch single, without passing a key input parameter it won't allow you to save and exit. so that there is no question of select and fetch single. you have to pass the key and fetch the record using fetch single only. You can reach me out at [email protected]

k A Naidu

deva raju

Hi KallaANaidu,
I din't say am not passing any values in Fetch single. Actually this is earlier code, they are passing some fields in Select and some other fields in Fetch single. :)

deva raju

Select and Fetch single

I got it.. Without Fetch next if we are using Select and passing any values i.e waste Obviously here Fetch single will work.
Thanks guys for responding.:)