Dot Matrix Printers?


Hi. We have a situation where we're migrating from a custom COBOL-based
mainframe system to JDE XE/AS400.

We currently have a whole mess of Okidata dot matrix printers which are
hanging off dumb terminals and, in some cases, PCs. An example of stuff we
do: when an order is received, the order prints to a printer loaded with
multi-part forms (i.e. Using pressure-sensitive paper - hence the need for
an impact printer). These are not networked printers. They are connected
to the terminals/PCs via the parallel port but the mainframe is able to
address these printers using a separate program called 'printer
pass-through' (that may be a little more info than anyone needs).

My question: What are people who need to print multi-part forms from jobs
run *on the server* using? I realize two options right now but I'm hoping
there's another one since neither sounds very economical:
1. Buy networkable line printers (VERY expensive)
2. Buy networkable dot matrix printers


Cory Rau
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You don't say in you post, but if the PCs are on an NT network, you can share the printers in the local OS for access by those who need it. You can also purchase direct jet boxes for any printer that has a centronics connection, I don't remember seeing any for serial printers for quite some time.


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Morning Cory,

We have setup an HP external JetDirect Server for our line printers. Some
of our documents as well come off preprinted forms. We've been able to test
this process and it looks like it works. HOWEVER, we have not been able to
print to the line printers and get readable text from adobe. Nor have we
been able to print to the line printers in a landscape format. Please
realize that most XE documents come out in landscape unless you change the
report design.

Jeremey Garcia
Xe SP14 ES - AS/400 CO - AS/400 Deploy - NT Citrix


The PCs are on an NT network but sharing on an NT Network, as far as I can
tell, does not create a situation where the AS/400 can address the printer
and print to it from a job run on the AS/400.



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make sure you set the printers up on the as/400 as remote outq's. Either by
using the a98owmnu create outq or the crtoutq from the command line.
specify the ip addy and the remote queue name.

Jeremey Garcia
Xe SP14 ES - AS/400 CO - AS/400 Deploy - NT Citrix


If you setup the Microsoft TCP/IP Printing service (Add service under
Network in Control Panel), then the printer will be setup as an LPR share
using the IP address of the PC and the printer share name as the port (don't
use spaces in the share name).

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Is there any reason that we cannot use a twinax attached line printer for
some JDE output?

We are aware of the report design guidelines for line printer output, and we
intend to use this printer for a specific set of reports which follows those
guidelines. It is not attached to the ES itself, but to another AS/400
server on our network. But is there any significance to the fact that the
printer is directly connected to its server rather than being a network
attached (and ip-addressible) printer?

Also - any tips or experiences with line printers and OneWorld?


Don Schoen
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try this: make the queue on the es '400 an remote outq(as required) make
the IP the IP of the non-edwards '400 and the remote queue be the name of
the queue on the non-edwards '400. That might work.

Jeremey Garcia
Xe SP14 ES - AS/400 CO - AS/400 Deploy - NT Citrix