Doom and Micro-Gloom ?



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Just my two centimes.....

What is going on ? Microsoft becomes "preferred partner" to JD Edwards for Oneworld and ERP - then buys Great Plains earlier this week ?


So Microsoft are in the "Enterprise Software" marketplace now. Hang on to your shorts.

I know GP is not exactly OneWorld just yet - as far as scalability - but I do know of the functionality available to GP that other ERP vendors pale in comparison with.

OK - so no Fortune 500 is going to bank on GP today. However, in the mid-market space - JDE must be quaking in their boots - especially the Genesis channel - over this aquisition. I already know of at least 1 company that this year decided not to go with JDE in favour of GP.

Wondering what everyone else thinks of this...

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The word "partnership" has about as much meaning as the word "Parcheesi".
In fact, I think I will substitute the words.

When sales people come into my office telling me they are a "business
partner" I have to turn around real quick so they don't see the involuntary
reaction of my eyes rolling around.

I have this same involuntary response to "e-Business" and "Seamless
integration". I would list all the words, but I am starting to become
nauseated - what with my eyes rolling around just writing this.

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Re: RE: Doom and Micro-Gloom ?

I think this all goes back to the classic line if you can't beat them join them (aka. Buisness Partner, JD edwards). Or in microsofts case, crush them and (or) then buy them (aka Corel, Great Plains). If this keeps up we all will be working for Bill Gates.

P.S. God save Bill Gates...just in case he is listening!

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