Don't want to see submitted report in 'View Job Status'


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Upon submission of a report, the details will be listed in 'View Job Status' application.

I just want a 'strange' thing :-(

One of my driver report calls another report(R55CHLD) per each record of the driver report. It means, if the driver report have 100 records, the R55CHLD will be called 100 times.

I don't really want to see the output of R55CHLD, so I 'Suppressed All Output' in Report Properties resulting no pdf creation.

BUT we will see 100 entries in 'View Job Status'. Is there any way to restrict the insertion of these entries ?


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Though we suppress the pdf at the version level, it will display in WSJ when we run the report on server.

As an alternate , we can write the logic in a NER rather than a UBE.


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Hi Sai,

Unfortunately, I could not move the code to NER as the report code is too lengthy.

As an alternative, I just modified my to logic to call the child report in the 'End Section' event of driver UBE, based on a batch number.


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How about in your driver UBE that calls the R55CHLD, delete them from F986110 in the End section (you'd have to override the data source though - B9861101)

Or....recreate the logic you want in a BSFN rather than a UBE....?

Or....recreate the logic you want in a new section in your driver UBE and do it there
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