Don't use the same DD on a PO Template


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Don\'t use the same DD on a PO Template

I don't know if this is already a rule or not, but it sure created a lot of work for me.

I had a UBE with a POpt that conditioned some processing. It worked great when submitted to the server from a fat/Citrix client. But it REFUSED to acknowledge the POpt when submitted from the HTML client.

On a whim, I chose to replace the selected data item with another one. During that time, I found the same data item was being used elsewhere on the template. I changed the added data item to something unique and everything worked fine.

Maybe it's something I didn't know about and then maybe this lesson will save someone else several hours of troubleshooting.



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Re: Don\'t use the same DD on a PO Template

This is a perfect "Tip to avoid Trap" sample; why don't we add to the current Processing Options document, on the Tips & Tricks forum?
Thank you.