Does this check for Null and Blank?


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Does this code check for Null and Blank?

If PO cProcessedRevRec_EV01 [EV01] is less than or equal to <Blank>
Yes mate

Look at this ASCII chart as that's what it boils down to at the end of the day in the 2 CPU registers that ask the question :)

Space is 20 HEX
NULL is 0 HEX (less than blank)
ZERO is 30 HEX (so it's greater than blank ;))

PS: This chart has been printed out and as been up on my desk everywhere I've worked for the last 20 years as I keep forgetting. :)
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It depends John.

I think Andrew was asking how JDE's ER handles nulls in a comparison.

For example Standard SQL treats NULL values as having no value. A comparison in SQL (and some other languages) returns NULL rather than True or False.

I suspect that JDE ER automatically does NULL conversions to a not-null low value but I've never coded that assumption.
I haven't tried too but I would use C function to evaluate if need be.