Does JDE Leadtime Rollup work? (R30822A)

Hi everyone,

I am trying to figure out how JDE Leadtime Rollup ( runs.

I have ran the program with a sample set of parts, however I am not able to recreate the programs calculations manually therefore I'm not sure if the program is running correctly.

Formula is in that first link (sorry not sure how to put an image)

Here are the inputs I am using and where they are pulling from:

Link showing where they should pull from(

M or L - Either the machine or labor based on the Prime Load code of the work center - pulling from F30006
SUM - Sum of all operations
TIMB - Time basis code from the routing - pulling from F3003

MLQ - Manufactured Leadtime Quantity from Branch/Plant – pulling from F4102
E or M - Number of employees or machines in the work center - pulling from F30006
Setup - From Routing - pulling from F3003 which is the routing file
Queue - Queue plus Move time from routing or work center – pulling from F3003
EF or UT - Efficiency or Utilization from work center – pulling from the F30006
CUM Yield% - From routing – pulling from F3003

Here is the data for one item:

OpMLQM or LTIMBE or M SetupMoveQueueEFUTCUM Yield%LT Lvl Formula

So with the formula column added up I calculate a LT Lvl of 6 when the program calculates a Lvl LT of 15. Does anyone know why?

I know this is a lot so thank you in advance!
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Try simplifying it first by setting Efficiency and Utilization to 100%.
Then turn them on 1 at a time to see if that identifies your discrepancy.