Does changing data selection require deployment?


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Hi All,

I have developed a batch applications whereby its an UBE calling an UBE. In this case, its calling and EDI UBE. My question here is, if i were to change the data selection of the EDI UBE at version level, does it require a re-deployment of the version?

Please advise.


Edward Kok
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The "by the book" answer is yes, it does require a deployment. There are some shortcuts to get around this, but I always encourage my clients to follow the proper SDLC process. Otherwise you can end up with inconsistencies between environments that may cause you headaches down the road.

Versions of UBEs deployed with Data Selections will remain with the promoted data selection, however, you can change the data selection at run time by selecting PROMPT FOR DATA SELECTION at the time the UBE is executed. BUt, in your case, your EDI UBE is being called by another UBE, so you need to preselect the data selection of the EDI UBE version, and promote it. Good Luck