Does anyone have a Custom, simplified Sales Order Entry Application?


We have a new requirement to have a simplified, streamlined Sales Order entry screen. This will present to the end user a single form with a header section (with 21 controls) and a detail grid (with 10 or so columns), no tabs, no subforms. It will allow only our four most popular SO types.

  • Has anyone out there already developed anything like this?
    • If so, could you share?
  • Failing that, does anyone have a suggestion for a more elegant approach?

We have several ideas:

  1. Have the new application gather input with minimal ER code and...
    • leverage existing EDI functionality for the actual SO entry.
    • or have the new application 'automagically' (by as yet undetermined means) enter its gathered values into an invisible P42101.
  2. Build the new application to actually use SO MBFs in as slim an ER footprint as possible...

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Without knowing the specifics of the purpose for the custom entry, it is hard to make a good recommendation, but here are some general strokes.
- Customize the old reliable P4210 which is simpler than the P42101.
- Use Visual Studio or other development tools to create an app which uses either EDI or Business Services to interact with JDE

I've build one before.

The approach was using Powerforms for Header and Subform Details.
Using the F47011 & F47012 tables as insert tables, R47011 runs in the background to generate the sales order lines.
But like JMAST said without specifics its kind of hard to help you.

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Thanks for the suggestions. The purpose is to provide a streamlined Sales Order entry experience for the end user. This would include NOT forcing them to have so many menu-hunts, visual-assists, mouse-clicks, and keystrokes. The one form would have header and detail entry within the one form. The desire is to cut down actual time to enter the SO, as well as simplified training. Just three minutes saved per order - times the daily order count - would be significant.
I had designed and worked on something similar on E1 8.12 SP1 days for one of the client. If I recall correctly, I had a custom Entry screen which would take the bare minimum input from user and derive on rest of the field values based on business logic and rules set in the NER. NER will then call the Sales MBFs to check for any errors in data if all well it would load the entries into EDI table. All orders will be created in JDE during the night jobs upto Sales update.
They have been using this since last 7-8 years now.

build the application and use SO MBF. hopefully you don't need to use the configurator.
And your application version is ...

Without knowing what SO Features you use / need kinda hard to give suggestions.
Do you use Advanced Pricing?
Do you use Configurator?
Do you use Kits?
Do you Override Addresses?
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