Documentation advice for JDE beginner


Hello from Sweden,

Since I will soon start a new employement at a company that uses JDE I'm now looking for beginner documentation. Preferably a book with some pedagogical structure and a functional view.

I will be working as a link between the IT development and the end users of the system within a small producing company. So my profile is cind of in house functional consultant. So my angle is completely from a functional point of view i.e. what can be accomplished with JDE standard. Today I'm working with exactly this but with SAP and I am certified in SAP sales and distribution so I have fairly good understanding of ERP systems in general. What I'm looking for now is documentation that explains

- main focus on logistics and production
- organizational structure
- important documents
- basic techniques used by the system to generate information
- reports
- master data basics
- table basics

I have google for documentation but I would really appreciate first hand advice from actual users.
Thanks for the suggestion. Doesn't seem to include much pictures of system printscreens. But a good start!