Document Type "IS"


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Hi All,

Need some information regarding Document Type "IS".

Have got a scenario where in During the work order completion the IS line type is written into Cardex with a -ve qty, but PQOH is not updated for the same.
Have got an integrity issue for these between F4111 and F41021 where in the difference is the qty with IS doc type in F4111.

The Mfg module is new to me and would like to know how does the IS gets written to F4111 during Work Order Completion and what could be the possible reason for not updating the F41021??

Thanks in advance

Work order scrap transaction. It should be set not to impact inventory balances.

Work Order:
•When a work order is cut for an item that has Percent of Scrap defined on the BOM, the quantity on the parts list will reflect: Quantity Per on BOM * % Scrap * WO Quantity. This is also the amount of material issued for the work order.
•The IS transaction is written to the Cardex as a memo transaction as Quantity on Hand balances are not increased since the finished goods are not placed into inventory stores since they are scrap. This is informational only. The running balance is not affected.
•Item Ledger (The Cardex) file (F4111) contains the IPCD field (PostedCodeInventory) which is known as the As Of Posted Code. This field is set to an X value for memo transactions. The Data Dictionary glossary defines the X value as a transaction was a movement of inventory only that had no effect on its value.
•The inventory location file (F41021) is not updated since this is a memo to the Cardex.
•Data mining of the Item Ledger file (F4111) by item number, comparing IS to IC can provide an idea of what percentage of assemblies are scrapped, on average, over time for the finished good item.

By what means are you checking the F4111 to F41021?
"what could be the possible reason for not updating the F41021?"

You don't want to put junk (scrap) into inventory. If in fact the scrap is reusable as a "different" item you can treat it as a by-product (not scrap) of the work order.