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Hello all,

We have sales offices in 4 other countries who process customer orders, but
we ship the product from our country. Currently, each office is running
different business systems. We are running JDE OneWorld B73.3.2 in Canada
and we are going to implement JDE at these sales offices via WTS. Right
now, they take the local Sales order, fax us a copy of the order & we ship
the product. We enter a Sales Order in our system with the sales office as
the customer so that our inventory is relieved, revenue & cost of sales

What we want to do when these offices have JDE is have the Sales office
enter the order into JDE as their business unit, relieve our inventory, book
revenue/cost of sales to corporate (us) & update A/R for the sales office.
Have any of you done this & if so, is it difficult to setup?

Thanks in advance,
Kimberley Bohn
QNX Software Systems Ltd., Canada
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JDE handles this requirement, I'm pretty sure. Enter the sales order with
the header branch/plant equal to the
sales office, but the detail line branch/plant equal to the central
warehouse. You might be able to automate this part by defaulting the header
branch from the address book business unit, and the detail branch could be
assigned in the default locations file or by using the inventory commitment

You may need to have a different g/l class in each branch's customer master
so that you can point to different A/R accounts.

This should get you started in the right direction.

Andy Klee

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Hi Kimberly,
We have multiple distribution sites around the US and branches often sell inventory from another branch. We decided to use the direct sales method to handle this for us. It a little cumbersome (two faxes required) but the sales for each branch are properly accounted for.
The selling branch issues a direct ship order using the shipping branch as the sold to and the customer as the ship to. This generates a sale and a purchase order for the selling branch.
The selling branch faxes over a copy to the shipping branch who then ship the product. After shipment a fax goes back to the selling branch who do a receipt against the PO.
We found that this method properly accounted for COG as well as sales dollars for both branches. The selling branch effectively buys the goods from the shipping branch who then mark up the price to what was quoted to the customer when they ship them.
If this is not clear of you have further questions, feel free to e-mail me offline.

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