Display dynamic information on the side, only on odd pages


Hi all,

I've been trying for a few days now to find a solution for the following issue and I failed...

My customer asked me to display the order company address on the right side of every odd pages of the invoice, vertically (reading top to bottom).

My understanding is that I need to use a footer or a header to get the "on odd pages only" property. Let's say I use footer. I can "detach" text from the footer if I use a text box or a frame - I can put it anywhere on the word document. So this is ok for displaying the address on the right side of the document, and I can also change the text orientation, which is great! However, I cannot add some xml elements in a textbox! And I cannot call a template as well...

I tried using frame, but frame cannot display "behind" the text and they seem not to support the vertically oriented text.

So I'm stuck here.

I'm using BIP - xml are generated through JDE 9.1.

Many thanks, let me know if you need some more information,



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Bonjour Samuel, tu as essayé de mettre ton texte dans un tableau et à partir de ce tableau de changer l'orientation du texte?


Bonjour Yann,

Malheureusement, un tableau ne pas être placé en dehors d'une zone de Header/Footer...

Hi all,

I found the solution : actually, it's possible to use a Text Box. You cannot drag and drop a xml field inside the Text Box, however you can put an xml field in the Replacement Text, in the Text Box properties. It will replace any text that is written inside the text box. It's working fine !
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