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Hi everyone,

I have a request from our functional team to update the Display Deciamls
value from 0 to 2 in the data dictionary. I was wondering if anyone has
done this and what their experiences with this was.

Reference Document ID: ott-01-0015

Questions that I have are:
1. Will an ASU or ESU override the changes?
2. Anyone experience any problems with doing this and, if so, what are
3. There seems to be a data conversion program for QNTY data (R30QNTY), but
what about for QTYINV?

Currently, OneWorld is not running in our production environment. We're
just doing the functional setup right now with minimal data that needs to be

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Environment: Xe, SP16.1, Update 2, JAS, NT Intel, SQL 7.0

Sincerely Yours,

Vincent Chai
Database Administrator


We just ran the report to update display decimals of INVQTY class members
(in XE)

We ran R9200100 to change to 4 decimals and manually changed QNTY (quantity
per in BOMs).

We did not run into anything special except that the default value for ORDW
disappeared and item master and B/P maintenance yielded into an error.
After setting ORDW default value back to N everything is fine so far.

We did not apply any esu concerning the same class though and I am as
curious as you whether this might change something again.


Regarding your post for update to Display Decimal for item class QTYINV, it has been more that a year, since your post. Have you had any complications, and you failed to mentioned whether any conversion was required on your part. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as we are trying to determine if this is a viable solution.

Thanx in Advance


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Hi List,

I'm reviewing an old post. We have the same issues as a previous member posted a few years ago. The current client where I am is currently in production with no decimals, only using whole number. They have a few new divisions that will join the live production environment in the coming months and these divisions are using three decimals. I know R9200100 is only updating the Data Dictionnary and should be run before any quantities are use in the databases. Is there any programs that exists that updates the fields with Data Item class QTYINV in the files that are use without building one? Any tips before we decide to build a program in order to update live data in production?


Eric Faubert

Robert Robinson

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I'll take up the thread...

Does anyone know of an update to the QTYINV Item Class? The R9200100 will change the display decimals, but without a Data Item Conversion program (like World had), there seems to be no way to convert the existing purchasing quantities (new PO items DO display OK, though...) Of course, support has been VERRRRY helpful on this. They throw OTI-1-0015 at you (which highlights the R9200100), but say nothing about data conversion.


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Robert, I checked our JDEtips Document Library and found some bad news.
It's good for World, bad for E1.

JD Edwards’ conversion program for World updates the Data Dictionary and
updates every quantity field in every World table that uses the QTYINV data
item as a class.
Therefore, for World implementations, the decimals can be changed anytime.
JDE's conversion program for OneWorld updates the Data Dictionary only, not
the data

itself. Therefore for a OneWorld implementation, including co-existent mode,
if the implementation team did not set the number of display decimals before
the data was

entered into Production, some data conversion programs may need to be

Andy Klee


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Hi Andy,

We are currently going through this process now as for some unknown reason we lost our 2 decimal places for QTYINV.
You mention some of the data/tables are NOT updated. Do you have any idea which ones?

Many thanks,