Disabling Cell Input


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Hi all,
I am trying to disable the ability of a user to update a grid cell based on some conditions. I need to check and disable before a user can modify the cell's values.
I was trying to use the ER "Grid Column Clicked" to test for the condition and use the Disable Grid <currently selected row> column name to prevent the user from being able to modify or enter a value.
However, when I click, tab or arrow into the column while debugging I don't even hit the ER and I can update the column.
So, what am I doing wrong?


Bill Feeney

B7332 SP 13.1 Sun Unix Oracle 8.1.6


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If you know the condition(s) well in advance, you could put the ER in Write
Grid Line - Before. If you know them as you enter the grid line, you could
put the ER in Grid Row is Entered. If the conditions are base upon other
values in the same grid line, you could put the ER in the dependent grid
columns in Grid Column is Exited.

Ben (again)