Disable Update Center Connection


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It seems that updatecenter.oracle.com is down. Unfortunately I need to apply some ESUs with Change Assistant.

I was able to copy the ESUs from elsewhere but since updatecenter.oracle.com is down & my settings were to login automatically, Change Assistant is getting hung.

Does anyone know how to change these settings outside of launching the app? Is there some ini or properties file that can be edited? I can't see it in the jnlp file.


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You could always go 'old school'. since you have the ESU's just double click on the .exe it will create a directory with the same name as the ESU, you will find the setup.exe in the directory.



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That doesn't work for ASIs (eg. TL914002). They have to be installed thru Change Assistant.

Fortunately, they finally brought up updatecenter.oracle.com


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You can disable update center connection from preferences. There is a check box which basically disables the connection to Update center. You can bring it back by checking it back again.
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Unfortunately, for this installation of CA, the "Automatically Connect to..." was also checked. Because the Automatic Connection could not connect, I couldn't even get into the Change Assistant Preferences.

I ended up getting around that by adding a localhost host file entry that pointed to updatecenter.oracle.com.