Dirty Reads - uncommitted data seen in E1


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Hello all,

first time I have posted on this board - I hope you gurus can help because we are really puzzled with this! We are on E1 9.1 TR using iseries V7R2 with latest PTFs

If in 5250 sql session we use commitment control (any of *UR, *RR, *CS, *RS) and do an update, for example "update testdta/f03012 set aitxa1 = '205' where aian8 = 12345" then this updated value can be seen immediately within E1 web session (in our JDV910 environment) within P03013 AR master inquiry. If we perform ROLLBACK back in sql session then the E1 P03013 session will see the original value.

Does anybody know how we can prevent the E1 session from seeing uncommitted data - ie. dirty reads?

The f03012 is being journalled with *BOTH images and I have also tried with journaling on the F03012 access paths (F03012_1 etc)

I have looked at JDE.INI, JAS,INI settings and googled around - but haven't been able to understand how to control this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards