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My scenario is that I would like to use one version of P4210 to create an order with some items that will be delivered from stock and some items to be delivered direct from a supplier.

Does anyone know if it is possible to configure P4210 / P4310 to do this so that the sales order (SD) created is for all the items but the related purchase order (OD) is created only with the direct ship items?

Also, does anyone know if it is possible to configure the system to automatically create a direct ship order for a stocked item when there is insufficient stock on hand to fulfil the order?


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Hi there! You can definitely have both stock lines and direct ship lines on the same sales order, it is the line type that decides the processing. Direct ship lines are created for "D" line type but not for "S" line type

It *MAY* be possible to have the order lines created as direct ship lines in case of stock-out situations by using inventory commitment preference...
you can try this by setting up inventory commitment to look at the stock branch/plant first and if the requirement can not be 100% fulfilled, the commitment should be against a direct sihp branch/plant. In direct ship branch (only used fore direct shipments) you can set the item line type to "D". I have not tested this but it really should work

However, you must remember that when you use inventory commitment, all items that you can enter on an order should be set up in the LAST branch/plant in you inventory commitment rules. Otherwise you may get an error message "item/branch missing" as the system will try to commit to the last branch/plant in your inventory commitment preference if the previous branches do not have enough stock or the item is not set up in the previous branches

You should be also able to overcome this by setting up inventory commitment like this

1. Branch = Stock branch/plant, fill percent 100% - Item setup = Line type "S", check availability = YES
2. Branch = Direct ship branch, fill percent = 0% - Item setup = Line type "D", check availability = NO
3. Branch = Stock branch/plant (again), fill percent 100%

This would try to commit to stocked branch first. If no stock found, it should move to second branch (direct ship branch) But if the item is not set up in direct sihp branch, it would skip to the third rules which is the stock branch/plant again

Hope this helps


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To reinforce Aarto's statement.

You do NOT need a SD Order type (we made the same initial mistake also). Line type ('D' or similar) drives what's direct ship.
Today we have Sales Orders that have regular stock, non stock, direct ship from supplier (line type D), hard pegged work orders (line type W) all in one sales order.


Hello Chrishamley,

If you want delivery from direct supplier so you will need direct ship order with line type 'D' which has an Inventory Interface of 'D'. The Direct Ship (P4210) program has a processing option under the Versions tab that will call a version of the Purchase Order Entry (P4310) program.When entering a Direct Ship Order, the system simultaneously creates a Sales Order for the Customer and a Purchase Order for the Supplier. The Purchase Order specifies that the Supplier should ship the item directly to the Customer. you will need fallow SD/OD process fro direct ship.

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